You have enough to do, Let us solve your Veterans BenefitsThe first thing you should know is, You Are Not Alone! The attorneys at the Stocker Pitts Law Firm proudly fight for Veterans Benefits Claims.

With the passing of new legislation on December 22, 2006, veterans are now able to seek legal representation to help them obtain the Veterans Benefits that they have earned by serving our country. Previously, lawyers have been strictly limited in their ability to participate in veterans’ law. For the first time since the Civil War, veterans have finally gained the opportunity to hire an attorney to represent them in Veterans Affairs (VA) administrative proceedings.

At the Stocker Pitts Law Firm, we believe in the importance of fighting for our nation’s soldiers who need help and haven’t been getting it. Veterans finally have a chance to obtain the assistance they need when attempting to secure their hard-earned benefits.

Please take a look at our Veterans Benefits Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the new laws regarding Veterans Benefits and the crucial new role of attorneys as Veterans Advocates during the claim process. Our list of Resources also contains important links that may assist you.